Capture Your Summer Memories in a Photo Book

Summer is the time of year when precious family memories are made. Whether you took a trip to the beach, visited grandma and grandpa or enjoyed countless cookouts with family members, it all deserves to be documented. You’ve probably captured all those memories on camera , but don’t let them hang out in digital form for a few weeks, months or years.

Why not take a few minutes to sit down and permanently capture those special memories in photo book by PhotoGalley? You’ll be glad you did.

We offer a variety of different sized photo books as well as themes to choose from. Visit our website to view our travel design templates.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!



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Baby Photo Books

Baby photo books are an important way for you to look back at your kid’s childhood or for them to be able to look back. As the years go by and your child gets older, you will want something tangible to remember his or her childhood by, which is why baby photo books are important to have around.

Photo books are a perfect way to preserve and share your baby’s most precious moments. From your baby bump to photos of your talking toddler, you can make your baby’s photo book a tangible timeline, documenting “firsts”, birthdays, and other important events. Photogalley allows you to create a photo book or photo album from the comfort of your own home. The software is uncomplicated, easy to use, and allows you to get creative with things such as labeling photos with the event, year, etc. The best part is that you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a professional looking photo book!

You have unlimited flexibility and options when it comes to the design, colors, layout, and size and you can start out with either a pre-existing template or work totally from scratch. This is a great way to truly personalize your child’s baby photo book and to materialize memories to last a lifetime. We also offer other great personalized ideas to record your child’s baby photos, like a personalized calendar or notepad. Whether you’re looking to share your baby’s photos with friends or family, give as a gift to a grandparent, or simply create a book you can cherish forever, Photogalley offers it all.

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Personalized Photo Calendars as Gifts

Often times, the fun and excitement of a celebratory event are often overshadowed by the pressure to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member. Whether you’re looking for gift for an immediate family member, relative, friend, coworker, or significant other, a personalized photo calendar makes a versatile and unique gift that one can enjoy year-round, at home or in the office.
Photogalley offers an easy to use photo calendar design software, so you can create your personalized gift in the comfort of your own home. You can simply upload your favorite photos you’d like to use in the calendar, pick a theme, and auto-flow the photos throughout the calendar. Personalize your calendar even a step further, and enter some personal, special dates for the year. You can truly get creative with a customized photo calendar and match the photos to the month or season. With Photogalley’s software, personalizing your gifts is now easier than ever.
Photogalley offers a variety of different size calendars to choose from, ranging from a 12 page calendar to a large one page calendar. You can choose from 12 months to 18 months, and even choose the month in which the calendar begins. Other great gift ideas include customized cookbooks, notebooks, posters, and more. Friends and family members will appreciate the personalization and thought put into a customized gift, and it will give them something to truly cherish and remember.

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Photo Gifts: A Great Fit for Any Occasion

Do you need a gift for a significant other, friend, family member, or colleague? Photo gifts are a unique and personal way to express gratitude, appreciation, friendship, or love – they’re a great fit for any occasion! At, you can create fun and affordable photo gifts including calendars and photo books.


Why purchase a traditional calendar when you could make a personalized calendar with photos of friends, family, and fun memories? At, you can customize a calendar with themes and personal photos that correlate with each month.

Photo Books

A photo book is one of the most popular products at Photo books allow you to show off the photos that you or your friends have taken. With hundreds of photo book themes, thousands of backgrounds and design stickers, you’ll be able to make the perfect gift for someone special in your life.

No matter what you order, photo gifts are a wonderful option if you want to give a sentimental gift. Take a few minutes to look around our website and choose the perfect photo gift for someone you know.

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High Quality, Affordable Yearbook Printing

Many people, both young and old, view school yearbooks as special keepsakes. They hold memories in them that will last a lifetime. It’s common for many schools to turn over yearbook development to a company, but why have someone else design an album of your special memories when you have the tools to do it yourself? Besides, in the end, it will be that much more special, not to mention more affordable.
At, we have been providing high-quality yearbook services for years. You can design sleek, full-color hardcover and softcover yearbooks via our online software. We offer a wide variety of yearbook templates and hundreds of themes to choose from. You can also choose from thousands of design decals and backgrounds. All these options allow you to create a one-of-a-kind yearbook.

The process of designing a yearbook on is incredibly user friendly. The design templates are straightforward and easy to understand. Depending on what you want, yearbooks can be created for one person, a whole class, or an entire school.

One of the most unique services we offer is the ability to upload your finished yearbook and share it with the whole online community — free of charge! As mentioned above, you also have the option to print your yearbook in hardcover or softcover.

When thinking about how to preserve special school memories in the future, why not take the process out of someone else’s hands and create something special yourself? A personalized yearbook will only become more special as time passes on.

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Wedding Photobook Albums

Wedding season has arrived! Will you be tying the knot this year? If so, how will you cherish the precious memories you make on your big day?

Create an affordable photo album with PhotoGalley to treasure all your wedding day memories. We offer hundreds of photo book themes, thousands of backgrounds and design stickers to help make the process easy and fun.

Wedding Photo Album Cover Example

We offer six different sizes for your personalized photo books and photo albums, and there are many options including heavy leather covers, soft and hard covers, as well as thick pages. The wedding photos can easily be arranged into page-layouts with our online designer. Every couple can personalize their wedding album down to the most specific detail. Your special wedding day will be forever captured and you can show off the amazing photo album to friends and family.

Wedding Photo Album Cover Example

Click here for pricing information and start creating your wedding photo album today!

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Father’s Day Gift: Personalize a Calendar for Dad

This Father’s Day, give dad a gift that will last through the year. Personalized wall calendars and month-to-month calendars are perfect for his work or home office. Designing it is simple, and you can select from a variety of styles.

You’ll start by either selecting a 12 or 18 month 12″ x 9″ wall photo calendar, or a one sheet 12″ x 18″ yearly photo calendar. Then you’ll decide on a start month, add your photos, and customize your special dates. Your calendar will be printed on thick card stock, bound with sturdy spirals and shipped to you in a few days.

Wall Calendar Examples & One Sheet Calendar Example

Be sure to visit our website for more information on how it works, and click here to get started on designing your calendar now!

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Photo Gifts are Perfect for Mother’s Day

Want new, exciting present ideas for Mother’s Day? Although mom may love a good rom-com, photo gifts are unique and thoughtful items that she will cherish forever.

When creating your own personalized photo gift, you can select from hundreds of frame styles, patterns, colors and shapes. With a huge variety, you’ll be able to customize a frame for any style preference or size that would be convenient.

With photo gifts, you can choose a traditional photo frame or a different style such as a photobook, calendar, or yearbook. A photobook can feature many pictures, printed on different backgrounds and included with phrases and as many pictures as you’d like. A present such as a photobook can be a great gift for your mother because you can use it to commemorate a specific event, certain family members, or perhaps just chronicle your own family over the years. The other great part about making a photo album is your ability to do it quick and easily, at an affordable price and with complete creative freedom.

Other options include making posters and calendars, which is another unique way to make this Mother’s Day a special one. Even better, your photobook or gift can be viewed and shared online for free. The photobook allows you to be inspired and make great templates that can be catered to fit someone’s specific personality or taste. On Mother’s Day, photo gifts create wonderful surprises and memorable gifts, no matter what type of photo gift it is. Get creative this Mother’s Day and get customized photo gifts for your loved one!

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The Fundamentals of Yearbook Design

Every year, yearbooks celebrate the special memories, unique characters, and unforgettable moments of high school. Designing a yearbook requires strategic placement, long term planning, and an eye for detail and PhotoGalley specializes in all aspects of the yearbook production process.

While every yearbook is different, a similar format is usually followed. The front of the yearbook should be focused on portraying student life such as plays, dances, and Homecoming. Photos and editorials add a personal touch to each piece and should include quotations from students.

The next section should be devoted to what every student goes to school for everyday: academics! This piece should cover all aspects of academic life, from field trips to SATs. Students who read through this chapter in the yearbook should expect to find information on how labs helped students learn better or how field trips enhanced the learning experience.

Clubs are the lifeblood of high school and foster a student’s growth through student fellowship and trips. This part of the yearbook should contain photos depicting each club and its individual members. In addition, it should highlight the benefits and importance of joining clubs to enhance the high school experience.

The next section should feature portraits of the people who make school worth attending: the students and teachers! The portrait section is the most important part of the yearbook and should be categorized by class year. Included in this department should be student interviews, photos of student life, and other material which puts the spotlight on students.

Layout and design should always include a table of contents at the beginning and an index at the end. The table of contents outlines every section of the yearbook and is categorized by page number. Readers can look through an index to locate information on a specific classmate.

Yearbook publication should always be a fun and adventurous process and these helpful hints are designed to provide a basic overview of how a yearbook should be organized. For any dilemma concerning design and layout, we at PhotoGalley can provide assistance and the guidance to make your yearbook unforgettable.

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Preserve Your Most Cherished Moments Forever with a Photo Book or Photo Cards

Life is full of amazing moments that people want to cherish forever. Whether it is a wedding day, a special birthday, or a family camping trip, photographs of these moments can be taken and preserved in a photo book. These great memories can also be preserved with photo cards for everyone to see and enjoy for years to come. At the Photo Galley, we understand the incredible impact a single photograph can have on people. A photograph can take people back to relive the fun, laughter and joy of certain times in their lives. For this reason, we offer people the opportunity to create the highest quality photo books and photo cards.

We provide our customers with a variety of photo book and photo card options, so they can create a keepsake that is uniquely their own. For example, with our photo books one can choose from a number of background designs, layouts and even decorative stickers. If customers are not satisfied with any of the available background choices, they can design their own on our website. Different binding and cover choices are also available.

Once the photo book or photo cards have been completed, customers can also choose to share their creations digitally with friends and family members. So whether you wish to create a special photo album for your family to enjoy, or want to make a unique gift for that special someone, Photo Galley’s photo books and photo cards are the perfect, simple to make solution.

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